Artist as Engineer or Vice Versa

Lives in Hamburg, works internationally


Partner at KEIN

Partner at fena

Partner at that big square

Resident Photographer at MSA - Culinary Arts Academy / Kitchen Guerilla / Neolokal Istanbul


Pink Lady Food Photographer 2015 Finalist

1st Solo Exhibition - Minimal Food S1 - USLA - November 2014

"Cook for Book" project Adam Mickiewicz Institute - Warsaw / Poland 2014

Istanbul 2nd Design Biennial

"Youngsters Kitchen" Cook Book - Deniz Yılmaz

"Neolokal Cook Book" with Chef Maksut Aşkar

Published in:

> Emotion Slow

> Rolling Pin

> KEIN Magazine

> FEED Magazine

> Vogue Turkey

> Conde Nast Turkey

> Effilee Magazine Germany

> Xcellence Magazine - Luxemburg

> Four Magazine

> Forbes

> Omnivore



 KEIN www.keinmagazine.com

 Studiofena www.studiofena.com

 TBS Radio www.thatbigsquare.com